Tips for young Mechanical Engineers

1. Never stop asking questions

There continues to exist a fear of sticking out like a sore thumb. Many people have stopped asking questions out of this fear. But remember, a mind that asks questions is a mind that continues to grow. Also, experienced engineers report that asking simple questions can pick out holes in engineering designs. Some of the most basic questions have revolutionized entire design projects. Keep this in mind: if something is not clear, ask a question about it.

2. Continue to learn

Young, smart engineers realize that education at a university is just the very beginning of one's education as an engineer. Engineering careers require constant learning and re-education because of the accelerated pace of knowledge creation and distribution.

3. Keep current on other disciplines

It's necessary to keep up with other engineering disciplines because of the increasing role of innovation in all fields. If an innovative new material is discovered in one field, there's a good chance it might benefit another field as well. Cross-pollination is necessary in the current paradigm. Keeping on top of trends in many disciplines can give you a competitive edge.

4. Practice your communication skills

Employers love engineers who possess good communication skills. Engineers have to attend meetings, present lectures and resolve conflicts in groups. The upper management of any company will take notice if you show an aptitude for communication.

5. Gain positive experiences over a big paycheck

It's going to be tempting to choose the opportunity that is the most lucrative. However, it's more important to choose a place you'd like to work over a big paycheck. Doing work that allows your experience to grow will lead to more choices in the future. And, yes, you'll have even more lucrative choices, too, after you've developed your positive experiences at companies you value.

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